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Distinguished Alumni

Ajay Kumar Patel

  • I owe my School Bal Bharati Public School, gratitude for grooming me, my capabilities and improving my personality. I grew up with the school and it was full of pleasure to see the school grow with me, getting new classrooms, winning national accolades, and basically making us proud to be part of this marvellous institution. The qualities that you pick up over the years, make you the person you are. My school gave me the environment to grow and enhance my personality. l learnt here the skill to speak English without hesitation. My teachers were my inspiration. I would give whole sole credit to them to nurture the academic excellence in me. Teachers were the guiding light for me.
  • The routine life of being greeted by the same cheerful teacher, gave me a sense of family at school. And like family, I gradually learnt to staying connected, being civil and being there for each other.
  • This is the place where I got strengthened the basics of social life. I pay my gratitude to everyone and to almighty for such a lovely place on this planet.
Distinguished Alumni

Amit Patel

I am Amit Patel, presently working as Lead Backend Developer at Yelow Finance. I did my B. Tech CSE with honours in Artificial Intelligence and Federated learning from The Times of India Bennett University. Credit goes to my schooling which I have completed from Bal Bharati Public Neelbad Bhopal. Although a school gives much more than just formal education, it does eventually direct you to your career goal in life. In last 12 years that was spent at this wonderful school, I changed my aspirations many times, but it is the right kind of exposure and open discussions with teachers that helped me realize what I was passionate about what I am today. I am proud to be the product of this great institution. The qualities that I picked up over the years, makes me the person and being honoured as “Meticulous, sincere and honest”. I convey my regards to school because it has given me that motivation which helped me to do well in life. I feel proud of my school for providing me such Platform. The teachers were always there with me to help out and handle the problematic situation. We were taught the basic moral values, mannerism and all the necessary qualities of co-existence.  I am always grateful and obliged, from the bottom of my heart to my Alma mater for all that I have learnt.

Distinguished Alumni

Nikita Prajapati

  • I am one hundred percent sure that I would not be where I am today without Bal Bharati. I am so grateful for how my school has helped me and how it has allowed me to achieve things I used to think would not be possible.
  • I was graced with profound knowledge, continuous care, and helpful career advice by my teachers. They embraced me and took care of my brain as a student, built me as a person and made me ready to grow, go out and contribute to society.
  • Through the many projects, assignments and extracurricular activities, Bal Bharati has helped me develop and hone my soft skills to face any challenges that I come across in my professional life as well as otherwise.
  • The constructive criticism you received and the persistence of the teachers to make you succeed as a student but more importantly as a human being trying to make a difference in your world is something that I will always cherish.