General Questions

Does my child have to go on school excursions or attend performances? 

Excursions are planned to enrich the learning experience and all children participate. For all excursions including sports, for which students leave the school, permission/consent notes are required. All notes for excursions and performances must be handed in two school days before the excursion date as this assists in efficient organisation.

How many languages students are expected to study at the primary level and at the middle and secondary level?

At the primary level, the students would be expected to study two languages (Hindi and English) and subsequently from class V to VIII the learners would study three languages (French or Sanskrit can be opted as third language)

What will be the pattern of evaluation of the students ?

The evaluation of the learners is based on continuous and comprehensive system of evaluation. The objective of the evaluation would be diagnostic, remedial, reinforcing and developmental. The focus of assessment would be on testing the skill-base of the learners in the course of their learning process. For complete scheme of evaluation please refer to school diary for details.


Can I take my child away from school before 2.20 pm? 

No, Half day leave is not permitted. You are advised to take full day leave in such a situation and avoid giving request for early departure.

Can my child buy lunch at the school?

No, canteen or any other tuck shop is not available in the school. We do not sell any food items in school premises. You are advised to ensure that your child carries his lunch pack every day to school.

Do I need to do anything if my child is late for school? 

Late arrival is not allowed in the school .You are advised to keep the child at home rather than rush to the school, putting his/her security to risk.

How can I get information about admission?

Information can be obtained by contacting any one of the following  numbers

How do I arrange for a meeting with my child’s class teacher? 

Teachers are available for meetings with parents at mutually convenient times. Please arrange meetings beforehand, in writing or by telephoning the office to arrange a meeting if there are any issues you wish to discuss.

If I change my contact details do I need to inform the school? 

It is essential that you inform the office and the class teacher of any change of contact details relating to your child. This includes mobile numbers, emergency contacts and home addresses. This is particularly important in case of sickness or accident.

What do I do if my child has to take medication while at school?

Prescribed medications only may be taken at school in the presence of school doctor.
Medicine must be administered by School doctor only.
Students requiring medication at school should go to the school clinic with written request of parent and clinical prescription.
Students should carry asthma treatment with them on all school activities
Students are not permitted to keep medications on their person, in their bags or in classrooms. (With the exception of Asthma puffers).

What do I need to do if my child is going to be absent from school? 

After being absent a written application is required when the child returns. 
We consider regular attendance to be most important, but please keep your child at home if s/he is sick. Half day leave is not permitted.

What happens if my child has a medical emergency?

If your child has an emergency on the campus during school hours, your child will be seen and treated immediately by school doctor and nurse. If necessary, your child may be referred to the nearest hospital emergency room with your consent.

What if my child loses something valuable at school? 

All valuables (including mobile phones) should remain at home during school hours. Please do not allow your child to bring mobile, ipad or any electronic toys, games or cards or any valuables to school .This policy helps to prevent theft, loss of valuables and playground squabbles.

When does admission process begin for nursery?

The registration for admission to preschool begins in January as per notification by Department of Education ,Govt of NCT Delhi.

Questions pertaining to CBSE board exam (Summative Assessment II)

Who is eligible to appear for school conducted SA-II?

Students of Senior Secondary Schools who do not wish to move out of the CBSE system.

Who is eligible to appear in the Board conducted SA-II?

i. All the students of Secondary Schools; and
ii. Students of Senior Secondary Schools, if they wish to move out of the CBSE system.