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The PTA Executive Body is actively involved in the progress of the school. Its members work in close co-ordination with the school authorities and offer invaluable co-operation. They meet every now and then and help in organizing various school functions such as Annual Day, Spring Carnival, Sports Day, Teachers' day, etc.

The management, staff and the PTA Executive Body work as a team to provide good number of avenues to the children who win many prizes at the Inter School level in various competitions like Art and Craft, Music, Sports, Elocutions, etc.
As a parent, you are the most important influence in your child's success in school and in life. In this role, you have a fresh opportunity everyday to get involved with your child. PTA provides the resources and support you need to stay involved in the life of your child everyday. Through PTA, you are more likely to be an informed and an involved parent.

Following are the members of the PTA (2022-23) Executive Body:

S.N.NameM/FDesignationMobile No.E-mail Id
1Mrs. Deepa Agarwal (Principal)
2Mr. O. P. Vyas (Anshumi Vyas - II)MVice
3Ms. Kavita Ahluwalia (Office Assistant)
4Mr. Narendra Raikwar (Abhijeet Raikwar -XIIB)
5Mr. Rajesh Kumar Golandaz (Shreya Golandaz- XIIC)MJoint
6Ms. Kavita Pandey (Adarsh Pandey - II)FExecutive
7Ms. Kiran Kaushik (Falguni Kaushik - IV)FExecutive
8Ms. Seema Rajak (Arush Rajak - V)FExecutive
9Mr. Vibbuti Saxena (Samarth Saxena - VI)MExecutive
10Ms. Anita Singh (Ayush Kumar Singh - VII)FExecutive Member9407261624/
11Ms. Vijayshree Mugdal (Yuvraj Mudgal - VIII)FExecutive
12Dr. Naveen Kumar Mishra (Pallavi Mishra - Mont)FExecutive Member8319193394
13Ms. Sagun Patel (Muskan Patel - XIIC)FExecutive Member8966993476/
14Ms. Mamta Rajak (Poornima Rajak - XIIC)FExecutive Member9893248233/
15Ms. Aparna Singh (Gargi Singh - IX)FExecutive Member7869185831/
16Mr. Santosh Kumar Verma (Sarthak Verma - Mont 2)MExecutive
17Ms. Sandhya Gupta (Amrita Gupta - 1)FExecutive
18Mr. Raghuveer Prasad Singrole (Nisha Singrole - XII A)MExecutive Member9977991915/
19Ms. Gayatri Niranjan (Piyush Niranjan - XI)FExecutive Member8989879460/
20Mr. Omdutt Yadav (Atharva Yadav - XII A)MExecutive
21Mr. Nitin Kumar Jaiswal (Teacher)MExecutive
22Mr. Anil Tiwari (Teacher)MExecutive