Incentives for outstanding sports person

Incentives for outstanding sports person

Strategy To Encourage Maximum Participation Of Students In Games And Sports
At Bal Bharati, we play sports to connect, energize and enrich students, teachers and parents for sports, be it playing, watching, cheering or volunteering.

For Physical Education to be meaningful or to be of value, it is offered with regularity. Currently school offers: Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Athletics, Judo, Taekwando, Table Tennis, Badminton, Skating, Handball, Throw ball, Skipping, Lawn Tennis, Rope Jump, Yoga, Kho-Kho, Aerobics.

For Montessori – class 2, 20 - 30 minutes of daily Physical Education. 150 minutes per week which includes multi gym and free play.Weekly schedule for the following has been chalked out in Montessori department.

Gross muscle development – Calisthenics, cycling, jogging, running, free play on swings and hopping  are regular part of curriculum.

Fine muscle development -Sand play, water play, blow painting, pouring water , beading and clay modeling are done.

Games to improve problem solving – Maze, color coding, abacus, pairing, number line games and jumbo dice are given preference.

Games to improve concentration such as balancing beams, tracing a defined track and building blocks are being practiced regularly.

Language development games- Dice games, word building, look and speak etc.

For Primary department

3 periods weekly where they are trained in Skating, Athletics, Yoga, Aerobics, Taekwando, Hockey, Cricket, Football etc.

For Middle and Senior Secondary Department-
2 single periods per week where they are trained in games like Volleyball, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Cricket, Athletics, Yoga, Skating, Rope jumping and Skipping.

School teams are allotted one hour in the morning to train and practice their specific sport.

Primary Sports
Health promotion activities like “Healthy Eating Week, Fruit day, Salad day are celebrated. Issues related to social and emotional health are  addressed by organizing family events such as “Healthy Family Fun Activities”


Sports awareness campaign was launched  to include sports based activities such as Sports quiz, game shows , Debates , Power Point presentations on life  history of great athletes and sports stars  and Project work .
Celebrities in the field of sports are invited to educate and motivate students about careers in sports.
Visits to witness matches and opening ceremonies  help to generate interest in sports.

At the Montessori and Primary level, participation is non-competitive; fun sports are emphasized.

Athletes participate in the inter-house competitions and inter-school events to qualify for participation in national representation
Participation of parents is encouraged through events for parents such as Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, Mother’s  Day.

Preference in admissions is given to meritorious students excelling in sports at national or international level.
A sports council has been appointed within the school consisting of Sports Director and sports captains to develop and manage the school sports program and make suitable recommendations for awarding Sports Stars, Ties or blazers etc.

Sports For The Differently Abled Children
The differently abled students are specifically trained and prepared for sports competition particularly where no opportunities and programs now exist.

The school invests in appropriate and adequate facilities, equipment and supplies that would cater for the needs of the challenged.

Resources/financial Assistance
Financial allocation is made for each game and sport
Students are given intensive training for sports development in their respective field if they qualify for national /international level.
A special fund  was proposed to be  created through PTA to financially support  participation  in games at National and international level by sponsoring equipment, gear and making good arrangement for boarding and lodging facilities during outstation matches and events.


Good media coverage of school sports, Newspaper, print and electronic media are used to provide appropriate space and publicity for sports activities.

Sports Covery
Special workshops are organized for parents to encourage parent and child interaction through hands on activities to discover sports. This initiative is being launched to promote family bonding through sports and for the child to play, discover and grow.