Inclusive education

Inclusive Education

Bal Bharati Public School has imbibed Inclusive Education programme since 2010. We strongly believe in teaching children in a way they learn best. The program aims to modify teaching and to accommodate the range of needs of challenged students so that they are not only groomed to excel in academics but also in co-curricular areas.

The team comprising of our Principal, Vice Principal, Head Mistresses, Special Educators, Class Teachers and Counsellors are constantly engaged in working with students who are differently abled. We cater to students with Mild Autism, Mild Visual Impairment, Mild Hearing Impairment, Mild Loco-Motor disability, Specific Learning Disability & Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

  1. A case study and portfolio for each student from admission till they leave the school is maintained diligently.
  2. Students are provided with CBSE Exam concessions as prescribed by the CBSE Boards.
  3. Remediation for students with special needs is provided by clubbing their regular time table with remedial classes, thus ensuring that their needs are catered to without adversely affecting their academics or co-curricular interests.
  4. Frequent Parent teacher Meetings and counselling sessions are scheduled for students with special needs.
  5. Attempts are made to enable students reach their optimum level of potential through Individualised Educational Programme, which is subject to constant evaluation and revision.
  6. The counsellor organises regular workshops and seminars to update all staff members on the latest techniques to accommodate students, with special needs, in and outside the classrooms.
  7. Teachers encourage Peer Mentors to help the students with special needs not only in academics but also in learning socially acceptable behaviour.