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Safety & Security

The school ensures safety and security of all students and staff members. Closed circuit TV’s, Public Address System & Fire Fighting readiness are well in place. Entry of visitors is restricted and monitored. A safe dispersal plan, exit plans, sexual harassment committee and GPS enabled school buses also aid in 24x7 security.

Providing a safe learning environment for the children is of utmost importance for a frontrunner school. At BalBharati Public School Neelbad, Bhopal, there is total commitment towards making the school a safe place for students. For total vigilance and safeguarding the students, the following measures have been taken:

  • Access to the school building is monitored and regulated. Security guards do not allow anyone other than the school employees and students to enter the school premises. Visitor's entry is restricted to authorization by the Principal.
  • The building has 5 exits which enables smooth dispersal of students as well as allows for rapid evacuation in case of any disaster.
  • The school is surrounded on all sides by a boundary wall of height 10 feet with a grill and barbed wire to check truancy as well as intrusion.
  • The School building is illuminated at night with flood lights.
  • Security cameras are installed to monitor the activities of the school and total vigilance.
  • Adequate number of Fire Extinguishers are installed at various locations for firefighting in emergencies. Fire safety drills are conducted regularly.
  • Rapid exit - Master Plan for Evacuation, to be used in instances of disaster are displayed on each floor.

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: a safe school for the healthy growth of a student.

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With an objective to prepare our learners for any unforeseen adversity at any given point in time, the Disaster Management Committee of the school organized a Fire Evacuation Drill in the school premises on 29 July 2022. The evacuation plan followed was in compliance with the standard operating procedure followed across schools. All the students of the school were evacuated in an orderly manner and moved towards the playground. They were also educated about the right use of the fire extinguisher in case of fire breakout in the building or wherever they are present.